2020 digital paintings and photographs, ongoing project.

In this series, I repurpose and photograph dolls to explore ideas of simulation and existential anxiety in technology. By using the childhood trope of dolls, I draw a relationship between idealism and fantasy to internet, digital realms of representation, such as social media or online profiles. In the first series, I use a digital photo filter which replicates 19th century collodion photography. I make intimate, nostalgic portraits  to humanize and venerate the dolls, referencing earlier use of historical portraiture. In other works, I digitally paint the images to duplicate traditional oils.  In both processes I use modern technology to fake visual historical context; By using classical, turn of the century references I compare current technology fears to previous history; the 19th century experienced a  similar cultural anxiety during the rise of industrialization, as well as a romantic idealization and longing for the past. The tension of co-existing timelines in the image is an imagined memory. I arrange them in minimal environments as dystopian fashion still lifes, with their equally blank tvs and phones, putting them in isolated, liminal environments that operate outside time. I repurpose Monster High dolls, strip their commercial factory paint and cheap clothes to reveal the objects in their pure form. I aim to emphasize their strangeness and otherworldly, alien qualities, which come in  devil, vampire, werewolf, and other monster motifs. I am working with the dark fantasy of these symbols, and their subconscious impact on our childhood associations with evil.  


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